Ashiatsu Bar Therapy

Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet. The word Ashiatsu combines two Japanese words “ashi” – “Foot” and “atsu” – “Pressure.” The therapist uses clean, soft feet to apply deep, flowing strokes to the back of your body while you comfortably relax on a massage table.


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most preferred of all the massage types. The wonderfully soothing strokes and manipulations are designed to relax muscles, relieve tension, improve the flow of blood, and stimulate the lymphatic system.


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue breaks the stress – tension – pain cycle by relaxing muscles, increasing circulation and bringing the body to neuromuscular balance. Designed to relieve muscular pain, address soft tissue injuries and increase range of motion, it uses slower strokes with more direct pressure across the grain of muscles.


Sports Massage

Sports Massage is for the serious athlete. It focuses on the muscles used for a particular activity. It enhances endurance and performance, lessens chances for injury and reduces recovery time.


Acupressure or Shiatsu

It is related to the Chinese system of acupuncture. By stimulating the body’s energy meridians (pathways), it provides a wonderful sense of relaxation, consciousness and wellness.


Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage eases pain, reduces stress, promotes relaxation and improves circulation. A reflexology practitioner manipulates the feet of the patient. Different parts of the body can be treated by manipulating different parts of the foot. With over 7,000 nerve endings, the foot is suited to this sensitive manipulation.


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage can be very helpful in treating back muscles that become sore and tense as they counterbalance the extra weight in the abdominal area.

Hours of Operation

Sun 9am–9pm
Mon–Fri 10am–9pm
Sat 9am–9pm

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